Easter Through the Eyes of Those Close to Jesus


Journey through Easter with those that witnessed it, firsthand.

We are thrilled to share our Easter Bible study guide, “Easter Through The Eyes Of Those Close To Jesus” with you. This guide is going to be such a remarkable way to celebrate the Easter season and the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Our six-week Easter study walks you through the events of Holy Week in a new and groundbreaking way: through the eyes of those who witnessed it all.From the last supper, to the betrayal, to the Garden of Gesthemane and His death, to the resurrection and appearance to those He left behind, our study guide will walk you through the New Testament scriptures of Easter and focus on the experiences of the major characters of the story — Peter, Mary, Pontius Pilate, and more.

It includes every section of our previous study guides and just like every study, we will be providing daily devotionals on Instagram TV, inspiring posts on our Instagram feed, and a live small group every Wednesday on Facebook. We hope that every avenue of our social media engagement is used to point people into deeper study of the Scriptures and deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ, particularly during this Holy season, our high holiday.